Criminal Defense Investigation

IPS,llc is dedicated to finding the truth.  Experts in interviewing and analyzing evidence for cases involving financial, property and persons crimes.

Civil Process Serving

IPS, llc has a proven track record of success in the serving of Civil Process.  Whether it is a posting  or a high conflict serve, we can get the job done.

Skip Tracing/Locate Service

IPS, llc utilizes many tools in an effort to locate individuals.  Utilization of database searches, social media searches as well as boots on the ground  We have been highly successful.

Cheating Spouse

Just needing answers or needing information garnered through surveillance, IPS,llc is discreet, confidential and successful.  

GPS Tracking

IPS,llc has state of the art equipment to track a vehicle nationwide.  With real time locating to an activity log of travels, we can cater to your specific need.

Civil Investigation

IPS, llc has decades of experience investigating civil liigation.  Workers Compensation, medical malpractice, trademark violations, motor vehicle accidents as well as domestic cases.